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At just 4.4km from high tech campus and just a few minutes from the highway, our beautiful international Daycare is located. With an international group of babies and toddlers, we support Montessori & Emmi Pikler, to promote the independent learning curve of the children. 

The day is filled with outside activities, self learning play and consists of a hot meal and healthy snacks. Our vertical group of 0-4 year olds provide many learning opportunities and stimulates interaction between age groups.

Our beautiful garden is a place of exploration and getting to know how nature works. Seeing our pear trees flourish and exploring the hills in our grass, children will learn how to balance and play.

With our small groups of max 10 children, there is always attention for the development curve of your child, where independent play and interaction are of the essence. Our wooden toys and materials are made to stimulate the natural curiosity of the child, teaching them balance, colors, weights & textures. Some of our favourite materials are the Wobble, the Pikler triangle, Grims toys, Stapelstein and many more. 

Our team of professionals have been educated on Montessori & Pikler, and are experienced in childcare. We are here to help your child experience the world in a safe environment. For more information, contact us at

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